Product Development

The Train project started by designing a modular collection able to generate different compositions and typologies.
From the unitary module, we developed the design and the construction of each part for the final prototype.

Train Lamp

Product Strategy

The product strategy was carried out by collaborating jointly with the client creating through design, a modular collection that allowed the flexibility of segmentation and product positioning for the target audience to wich was addressed.

Fivedotone Font Barcelona

3D simulation and analysis

During the design process we proposed manufacturing the shaft with extruded aluminum.

The concerns related to the structure were resolved through a detailed analysis and 3D model simulations.

The result was a design of a shaft with a differentiated aesthetic, a low investment with a competitive unitary price, and a comprehensive utilization of aluminum inside the whole light point.

Linet Simon Lighting

Concept and Creativity

Conceptualization of an electric scooter with the advantage of self protection against the weather conditions, while being able to recharge itself through solar energy.

Solar Moto Sunred

3D Design

We are experts in the design and development of style surfaces.
The 3D volume designed for the SR08, was later used for milling the model at 1:1 scale. This was presented at the Barcelona International Motor Show in 2007.

SR08 Sunred

Art Direction and Product Photography

Artistic direction and photography for the Feel office system catalogue.
The result was the creation of a catalogue for launching a new product with a clearly differentiated communication and impact image through every picture.
Also, achieving the recognition of the Lux Professional Photography Awards, in product photography category.

Feel Arlex

Art Direction and Rendering

Artistic direction through photorealistic images aimed to created different bedroom environments. These images were later taken as guide line for the client’s catalogue photoshoot.
The aim was to help in defining the different scenarios of the product that we designed for its market segmentation.

Pasion Kibuc

Product Rendering

After designing the Haliade and developing the 3D geometry, we rendered the images that were later used for the international presentation of the offshore turbine.

Haliade Alstom